Licensing Opportunity

Commercialized in 1972 after more than two decades of research, GALVALUME is on the fast track to becoming the dominant product for the steel construction industry. More than 50 years of use in virtually all climatic conditions around the world has certified the product's overall superiority. GALVALUME is now synonymous with long service life, energy efficiency and overall product superiority.


Superior corrosion resistance, high heat reflectivity and retaining brightness for a long period which qualifies GALVALUME as the only ENERGY STAR steel product for roofing applications. These properties make GALVALUME sheet suitable for several applications where one or more of its unique characteristics is required. Unexposed automotive parts, appliances (e.g. ovens, heaters, etc.) and miscellaneous applications like furniture, outdoor cabinetry, computer cases, etc. are representative examples of GALVALUME usage. GALVALUME can be used without painting to highlight its distinctive silvery-white spangled appearance or can be prepainted on continuous, high speed paint lines with durable, oven baked paint systems for added aesthetics.

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US Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR Program.